Get Outside

They have been outside for 3 hours now….making rivers, floating boats, sliding their bodies around in the slush. Then, they set out to make a fire- I stayed quiet and left them to their work. I love that if I were to tell our kids, ‘You can’t start a fire, it’s too wet out!’ if they had any doubts, they wouldn’t hesitate to try and test my theory. And what’s the harm in letting them try? So, they found out themselves that it’s too wet for a fire….until! They found the Ash bucket with coals from the wood stove! 😆 I don’t think any of us have ever said ‘I told you so!’ in this house. I know I heard something along those lines often as a child and I don’t think that ever feels good, at any age. And you don’t have to put yourself in the situation of holding back those words with your children if you just let them be and come to some conclusions themselves.
They set up seats around there smoldering bits of paper and ash and asked for their lunch(warm soup and crackers) outside by their ‘fire pit’. Sometimes, I think how dreadfully boring I would be had I never made this clever, life-giving creatures!

1 thought on “Get Outside

  1. This sounds like the best kind of day! 🙂


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