-50 Temps on the Way!

While the babe snored on, Johnny, Iris(she’s always our little helper), and I moved all the scrap metal, swept up hundred year old dust, and made the goats new home cozy. Thankfully, they all happily followed Johnny down to the barn, seemed quite comfortable to be out of the elements, and interested in a new space to explore. We watched Lilly and Hank build a tunnel and hideout under their sledding hill from the window. As we hiked it in I pulled my glove off for a moment and had a hard time taking a picture, couldn’t feel my finger tip to take the photo! We all met together, free of our layers, rosy cheeks and content smiles, around the center of our home-the wood stove. Hope everyone is enjoying the chance to snuggle in and stay close to your loved ones! Take care, Friends!

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