Modern Farmer

Last night the kids and I headed out at Sunset to take care of the animals and play for a few hours. We had been inside all day and it was starting to take a toll on my mental ability to handle the noise that comes along with four little humans inside. Daddy was off to Grandmas, clearing her drive and getting more firewood before the dangerous temps roll in and he didn’t get home till just before bedtime. As I trudged down to the barn, baby Violet bounced up and down on my back in her pack with every step I took, making happy hums to go along with the rhythm. I sloshed some water from my bucket onto my leg, considered getting upset and cursing myself for a moment, but something about the brisk awareness of wet skin, layering the inside of my nose distracted me and moved me forward. Isn’t it strange the little ways mother nature can pull and push us. I suppose it is actually not strange at all. Use to be survive or don’t, no time for self-pity. Anyway, somehow I’m wandering again…I paused and rested my arms, looked over to Lilly with her head cocked and motionless. She was asking about the creaking noises. I lead her to see that it was the trees in the woods, but she decided to pretend it was something else. She got down, crawled rather strangely- for a human child, and surprised me with a pounce in the snow. Ah! A fox, a vixen, chasing her meal. 
I rolled away the log holding the coop door in place, pulled down the unattached door and lifted it to the side. It was toasty warm in there, with a red glow. I collected 19 eggs from the day, then I filled a half-open window with straw in preparation. A few months ago a raccoon snuck in and the girls had broken the window in fright, but thankfully, they all survived that night- their eggs did not. Missing glass pane, door barely standing up, running buckets two different directions daily, usually with a baby on back and three other littles frolicking along(undoubtably and lovingly almost always slowing things down☺️)…more than once I’ve thought, ‘I’d like to see this on the cover of Modern Farmer!’
And if you have made it this far in the read, we have eggs for sale! With at least 15 daily on the regular now, our basket overfloweth! So if you are local and would like fresh eggs from loved, happy, free chickens who have been cuddled plenty and only fed organic feed, $4 for a dozen. Message me if you are interested-thank you! I think we will be saving whatever egg money we recieve to pay for a water heater for the barn!
We’re off now, going to put the baby down and spend the afternoon down in the barn with the kids, preparing the space. We are moving our goats from the West Woods to the basement. I will feel so relieved to have them down there, happier, warmer, and safer. -Amanda Jo

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