Pushing Around Poop

We started off Sunday morning in the barn. Johnny was very slowly and mindfully carrying water down to the barn over the ice with Violet on his back. I leaned on the basement doors to the barn, started to laugh and grabbed my camera. He smirked back at me, ‘yeah yeah get the camera, don’t worry about helping!’ I think he was able to laugh because he is starting to realize all the crazy things I’m able to do during the week here on the farm with all the kids- by myself. So, worry not, they made it down safely and I helped carry one of the buckets a few feet through the doors to the goats. 😆 He also laughed at me when I stopped pushing poop around and reached for my camera with a smile on my face….’Oh, really-what are you taking a picture of the poop for!?’ I just love when the usefulness of the round barn shows itself. I broom the pig poop down to the edges almost daily, then when we want to clear it all out, it’s just a push around the edges towards the door and out. It makes such good sense, I love it! And I love that a hundred years ago it was used in the same way.

We were just finishing up lunch in the barn when a friend stopped by to visit, as the kids call her- ‘the Mushroom Lady’. It did put an an end to my fun pushing around the poop. We chatted a lot about unschooling- what it means to us, what it looks like for our family, and what it’s not. I hope we were able to convey why we are so passionate about sharing the way we educate and parent our children and how much more it is to us than any word can encompass. Then, another friend and her daughter came for a visit. We got to catch up on life and they were so excited to meet the sweet piglets! It’s been such a joy sharing them with others! And in the evening I held the monthly Women’s Circle out in the workshop-busy day!
And today, the kids were out the door five minutes after they walked down the stairs. They noticed the snow had melted, opened the window and Lilly immediately ran to the laundry room, got some shorts on, put on her pack, and headed out to greet the day, and the chickens. 
And tonight I start my first Master Gardener’s Class! So very excited! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…no time like the present! -Amanda Jo

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