Always something.

I don’t say this often, but we.are.tired. We’ve been up late working on a lot of different projects after the kids go to bed for the last few days, until one or two in the morning. Trying to finish the new website, finalizing details for our next big adventure, planning for Spring endeavors, taking care of the animals, cleaning up all we couldn’t keep up with during the day, and of course, heading up stairs a few times to calm the waking babes. Another one of our kids are going through a phase of rough sleep. She woke up so upset last night that after crying uncontrollably over something she couldn’t put into words-she threw up. Tell ya what, having four kids, born in four years, being in the thick of extreme emotional turbulence and constant need….it’s the hardest, but it simplifies everything. They are what it is all about. You seldom question your purpose or wonder if you should be somewhere else because the answer is staring right into you- tearful, joyful, and every extreme in between, letting you know-usually in every way other than direct words-I need YOU. Or come to think of it, maybe we just don’t have the darn time or energy leftover to have thoughts that are anything but productive anymore! ha 

This morning Lilly spent an hour in the coop by herself-well, just her and the hens. She came running up quick, bursting in, holding warm eggs and telling of witnessing their arrival. Then she cooked them for her brother and sisters and now claims that she is the best egg cooker in the house(something we are constantly in a friendly-rivalry over).

We played outside, found hopeful buds, & some not-so-cool reasons to be happy the goats are in the barn until Spring-no longer able to access our old and generous Apple trees. Another project that was suppose to be done last Spring-finishing their fencing around the barn. This year, this year, we will chant as we narrow down the list.

After I came home from getting groceries and supplies for the Kids Snow Moon art class I’m teaching on Saturday at Heartland Artists Gallery, I fed the pigs under the dim, bare bulbs in the barn and stood watching for a while in the quiet. The piglets ran underneath her and suckled away as Momma piggy happily ate her chow. Johnny is tiling the breezeway tonight. It’s another project we are wanting to get done before we start our Kids Club in April, so we can add cubby holes for the kids to keep their things…but more on that soon. I started a fire in the stove, sat, felt the rush of heat greet me, and stared for a while.

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