Simple Saturday Night

We had so much fun teaching kids outside of our farm at Heartland Artists Gallery today! We are teaching a Nature Series there each month that follows the Native-American named Moons. Making connections to the natural world around us with kids, no matter how big or small, is so important. We are so very grateful and excited to walk this path and follow our calling. This cycle is the Snow Moon, so we read a story called ‘Under the Snow’, about what all the creatures are busy-or not so busy-doing out there in and under the cold, ate some beaver food(chocolate bark), and painted a nature scene. We even brought our snapping turtle, Turdy, for the kids to sketch into their work of art. I think one of our favorite parts was when a kid pulled himself back to marvel at his work and said with a huge smile, ‘This looks like a third grader did it!’ When I asked him how old he was, he said ‘I’m only a first grader!’ 😊
This evening Johnny tiled some more in the breezeway with Lilly and Hanks help, while Iris, Violet, and I made scratch soup and bread for dinner. We listened to our usual Saturday night ritual, Live from Here. We even made lemonade, sweetened with blueberry honey and, of course, found ourselves dancing around the kitchen together a lot. Another lovely, simple Saturday night in.

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