Life Lately, Mostly in Pictures.

Mostly pictures because my thoughts are too numerous to jot and my hands are too busy lately to sit! Lots of projects going on around here lately, here are a few…

Always lots of reading going on.
I’ve been working on a birdhouse and they have been helping. It’s a project we are looking forward to doing with the Luna Hill Kids Club this Spring.
Hank has been totally enamored with his hatchet lately. It has been awesome seeing him so happy! During the day, when we need wood, he goes out and splits some and carries it in, but most of the time we have plenty split, so he just asks to go out there and wack at the logs.
Baby Violet has outgrown her snowsuit. So, instead of buying a new one that won’t fit her next winter, we have been inside more lately than usual, waiting it out:) Plenty to keep us busy!
Irie and I spent some alone time with Sadie and her piglets today. I was actually laying down with them on the barn floor, stinky and happy as can be….believe it or not, this quiet time with her and the pigs is what brought me peace after a crazy morning today.
Momma’s always nursing the baby in the background somewhere! (Lilly took this one! She really has an interest in photography-that’s fun for me!)
We (well, actually almost all of this was done by Johnny) finally finished the breezeway tile tonight!!! It is a project that, had he been doing it at work for someone else, would have probably taken him two and a half days, but here it took almost a month! I’m not complaining! Quite the opposite, by the time the kids got to bed he could only do so much, we had to heat the space constantly or else he couldn’t tile, and it is our main in and out spot-so glad this part of the project is complete! Proud of my husbands fine work:) Next up for this room, cubby holes for the Luna Hill Kids Club members to store their things and a bench with our shoe storage underneath.
And tonight we moved on to another project-fixing the kitchen ceiling and then painting it all. We finished scrapping all that needed to come down tonight together and now he’s mudding. Going to have this done by Sunday when we have two separate gatherings here….Johnny was making a joke tonight about how it’s always deadlines and love that keeps us getting things done:)
I’ll leave you with a happy ‘Winter Fun’ photo of the girls quite satisfied with their accomplishment.

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