Open Farm Day was a Success!

Just wanted to share some photos with you all from the Spring Open Farm Day. What a beautiful day it was! We were so grateful for all the great folks that turned out! We had such an amazing turn out and were so happy to meet some new folks who were also passionate about learning. There definitely were some from Plymouth & Culver that we were so happy to see, but we thought it was so great to see folks coming from South Bend, Osceola, Warsaw, Elkhart….we went through almost all 50 of our tasting spoons! After taking a day off of boiling down sap, I am really struggling to keep up with all the sap we have from these perfect, sunny days! And I am finding it darn near impossible to keep up with the online world….but great things are happening here:) Having so many kind and appreciative folks here really lifted our spirits. Our dream of nurturing wonder with nature with the Luna Hill Kids Club is surely alive and well-and although we wish it was all going as planned, of course, nothing works that way. And we are starting to realize that when you are bringing something new and progressive to a community, change will take time.

I really mean it when I say I can’t keep up online….just so many things going on here! Every time I am about to say ‘I just haven’t had time’, I am chaining it to ‘I have not made it a priority’ and saying it out loud has helped. It has made me honest and more mindful of my time. So, I will get around to getting back to everyone, it is just not able to be a priority right now. Thanks to all of you who have supported and encouraged us along our way. I hope you know we appreciate each and every act, no matter how small.

Also in big news, the kids found their first tree frog of the season!
We got a new cat, King Jude, to give our other kitty, Queen Julia, a playmate. And even Johnny is finding his cuteness a bit irresistible!
We all like him, but Lilly is seriously, head-over-heels, in love.
I have been busy doing the outdoor fun of getting things ready for the growing season. Today, Violet and I raked up all the pine needles and used them as mulch between our raised beds. Off to can some more syrup with Johnny and plant some more seeds in the basement! Thanks for reading, friends!
-Amanda Jo

3 thoughts on “Open Farm Day was a Success!

  1. Its so wonderful to see kids outside – trying new things and having fun! It sounds absolutely amazing and I wish you lots of luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sincerely!!!!!! 🙂


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