We currently have 9 KuneKune Pigs.
We are one of ten registered breeders in the state of Indiana and are proud to be offering this amazing breed of pig to the area. They are perfect homestead pigs for a lot of reasons, but one reason they work so darn well here is because of their mild, amicable personalities. Their temperament resembles a friendly, inquisitive doggie & have always interacted with all our visitors with sweet curiosity. John & Amanda even got the privilege of sitting with our Sow, Sadie, as she delivered her babies one evening in the basement of the round barn. You can learn more about the breed at the official breed registry website, here.
We have 17 hens of various breeds that provide delicious eggs, lots of poop for our compost, & great entertainment on the farm. We also get Guinea Fowl in the Spring to keep down the tick population in the Forest Garden.
We have three goats, Noodles(Whether), Cheese(Doe), & Ike(Buck).
We are waiting to see if we will have baby goats soon!
We also raise Monarchs, Swallowtails, & any other winged creatures we can find around here! Kids love the opportunity to see the process of their development, watching them eat, & setting them free!
And we also have our beloved Penny Lane(Wiemeriner/Tree Walker Doggie) & Our King Jude & Queen Julia kitties.
We have an indoor Mini-Rex bunny named Peter.
And we also currently have an indoor snapping Turtle named Turdy. We are working to get him released in the near future to a larger, natural space.
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