Earth Artists

Dates: 2 Saturdays- August 15th & 22nd
Ages: 6-12
Time: 10:00am -12:30pm
Cost: $40 total, $20/class
Location: Forest Garden
Teacher: Amanda Jo Boener
Register By: 2 weeks before

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Course Details:
We will identify our objectives for the course, identify plants we can use, find these plants together, create paint & dyes, create two separate artworks using plant materials, & end our last time together with a ‘reception’ of the children’s artwork!

What to Bring:
Water We ask that every child always bring Water & if it’s in a reusable container, that’s even better! 🙂
A snack is also optional, but highly recommended. We will have a ‘break’ time in the middle of our time together, where the kids are invited to snack & sit together. Every body works best when it is not hungry!
A backpack or some sort of bag is optional, but usually works best for the kids to fit their belongings into, then into their cubby. Nothing fancy is needed!
-A spare change of clothes. This is also optional & depends on the class, but don’t expect your child to leave the farm shiny & spotless! We encourage the kids to connect with nature & explore their curiosities, so as long as it’s safe & not interrupting(if we’re in the middle of work together), the more dirt, mud, & plant matter they play with, the better! We also have an outdoor shower that can be used for cleaning off, found next to the Herb Spiral.

First time here?
Parking is anywhere(neatly) in the grass, between the Barn & the Workshop. Kids & caregivers will enter through the breezeway, where they can place their belongings into a cubby. The kids can then say their goodbyes and head out to the ‘playground’ to play with the others, while we wait for all the kids to arrive, before heading to our courses starting location. If it is raining, all courses will start in the Workshop.

A note on Allergies & Toys…
We have multiple children who attend that are allergic to Latex, ranging from mild to severe. To be mindful of these children’s safety and enjoyment, we ask that you do not bring balloons, latex erasers(we provide latex-free erases for courses in which they are needed), and it is best to leave most toys at home, too. Bringing tools such as magnifying glasses, binoculars, or the like are just fine to pack in the bag, but most toys do not find a great place to fit in here at the farm. More times then not, they usually serve as distractions from the real play at hand and we would appreciate your cooperation in this.
We diligently go over the forms before a child arrives, so if they are allergic to certain foods we will know & have had no problems accommodating this, but if your child has a severe allergy & would like to attend, please reach out to us personally. This way we can be sure that we are able to provide a safe environment for you child. Thank you!

Our Commitment to Diversity
Just as Mother Nature has reminded us over & over that diversity is key to a thriving ecosystem in our Forest Garden, we’re mindful that diversity in our children’s lives will provide opportunities that a childhood rooted in comfortable, sterile soil could not. When we tell folks that we are welcoming to all walks of life with open arms, we wholeheartedly mean this. We understand that all humans are inextricably connected & that what makes us different, can be opportunities for connection, acknowledgement, & growth. Luna Hill Farm is not affiliated with any church or faith. We are committed to offering a secular experience at the Luna Hill Wild School, that is open to all.

We do offer a 25% discount when registering siblings for courses within the same month(even if one is on Saturday & one is on Friday). However, at this time, there is no easy way for us to offer the discount through our website payment option. Please reach us at or 574-341-0229 if you would like to register siblings, so that we may send you a bill that reflects the discount through email. Thanks for your understanding!
Also, do reach out if siblings are registering, but because of age will not be together, if you would like them to stay together. We are happy to accommodate if it’s a good fit!

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