Foraging with Children

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering a class here at our farm that will take us from the side walk cracks by the barn, to the deep, jungly greens of our Food Forest to teach you how to successfully dive into the wonderful world of Wild Edibles! If you know me, you know that working with children in nature is near & dear to my heart & I am so excited to start giving back to our community by equipping you with the tools & passing down the knowledge to guide & encourage you to get you & your littles confidently snacking on hikes wherever you may be.


Have you wanted to know more about Wild Edibles, but could use a good mentor to walk you through? Look no further!
Amanda Jo has been been reading, tasting, exploring, learning from other mentors, & foraging the way for her own family to safely & confidently eat from the wild for the last five years. She’s ready to welcome you into the wonderful world of feral feasts that abound, just out your back door!

This event is meant to be attended by Caregivers & their children. I would say that no age is too early or too late to learn!

We will start in the backyard where Amanda Jo will give a talk to just the Caregivers about ground rules, good practices, & a healthy mindset. During this time it might be a good chance for the kids to meet & play with one another with John nearby in our fenced in backyard.

Then, we’ll get right into things with a tour of our two acre Food Forest, where we’ll stop & taste as we go. We will visit our Main Gardens, where I will show some Wild Edibles that I have been brought in & some that brought themselves in. We will also head down to the barn area, where the climate is much drier & sunnier, for a look at what’s munch-able down there.

I’ll share tips & tricks I’ve learned over the years, practical applications, a few medicinal need-to-knows, recipe ideas, & I will even have multiple prepared Wild Edible treats for you all to try yourselves! If you can’t tell…I’m in love with what Mother Nature has to share with us & I’d love to pour out the knowledge I’ve gained, so that you & your family may experience the joy & satisfaction that can come from foraging together.

I will have a list made up beforehand that will catalog all the Wild Edibles so that you may make notes. I would say bringing a writing utensil & your smart phone/camera would both be valuable tools. Taking pictures of plants as I point them out could be very useful for reference later!

So please, if this topic sparks your interest, join us! Our family looks forward to snackin’ in the wild with you!

The cost will be $30 per family-this may include two caregivers & their children. We are offering two separate dates, one in the morning & one in the evening, to accommodate for what might work best for everyone. Please purchase tickets through Eventbrite at
Sign-up before July 21st.

Sincerely Excited!
-Amanda Jo

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