Who We Are

John, Amanda Jo, Iris, Violet, Lilly, & Henry Boener

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We are located on about four acres in the quiet countryside of Plymouth, Indiana. We are a family of six who are passionate about living intentionally, learning, growing, creating, playing, cultivating community, and celebrating curiosity.

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We homeschool our children, but if we fit in any type of homeschooling box, Wildschooling and Unschooling best describe our approach. We follow the moons’ cycles and draw from nature and the natural rhythms of life as our inspiration. We love our land and all it has to teach us and feel called to share and be a place that folks of all ages can gather and feel connected to nature and those around us.

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We keep things pretty minimalist in the house and John & Amanda Jo both love to create toys and tools for our family to use. A minimalist lifestyle in our home helps cultivate inspiring spaces that don’t overwhelm our senses and gives us the freedom to spend more time doing things that we love-like playing together outside! We are always, really always, working on at least ten different projects at once-we are an ambitious family! We love to grow things & are constantly dreaming, planning, and working to grow more food to feed our family and share with friends.

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John is a Carpenter who has worked at Boener’s Countertop Shoppe for almost 15 years, a family run business in Plymouth. He also works here at the farm, teaching alongside Amanda Jo, and creating things like wooden toys & Bee Hives, here in our Workshop. He finds peace in the woods and at home, with his four kiddos & wife close by. AJ is a Photographer, Artist, Naturalist, Writer, Speaker, & Cultivator! She is a National Geographic Certified Educator & a Purdue Master Gardener. All those terms just touch the tip of all our interests! See our Teachers tab, to learn more about John & Amanda Jo.

John & Amanda Jo (and Penny)

We have had three of our four children at home, in the water, and are very big home birth advocates. As the home birth option is growing in our area, many families have reached out to us about our experience when researching their options-we love sharing & always welcome conversations that revolve around education and home birth. After experiencing our first home birth, Amanda Jo found a passion in home birth photography. Now that we are so busy here on the farm, she has decided to focus her energies here at home and end her photography business that she ran for over ten years. We do everything with our kids and absolutely love, no matter how difficult it gets, watching and nurturing them as they grow-what a gift!

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Where did our name come from?

“What a gift! Look who we got to see last night on an evening walk….a Luna Moth that had just emerged! His wings were still wet & his abdomen still thick. This morning we woke up thinking of him & the journey he must have made in the middle of the night, to find a mate. Adult Luna Moths never eat, so those fragile, yet fierce, thin wings exists so the mates can get to one another. After staying locked together for hours in the wee, dark hours of the morning, the female lays her eggs near food the caterpillars like to eat, one of which happens to be Black Walnut leaves-lucky for us.
This creature is one that pulls us in closer, reminds us, & quiets us with their beauty, mystery, simplicity, & drive…..so if you ever wondered where our farms’ name came from, find a moment like this- in quiet wonder, awe, & appreciation for all the living things that encircle with us- and you will know.”-Amanda Jo

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