Honeybees & Herb Spiral


John built our first hive, a Warre Hive, by hand in 2019. We placed it in with the Herb Spiral for a couple of reasons. It’s fenced in, surrounded with pollinator plants, has a pond for drinking water in the Herb Spiral, & is easily accessible for us, but also for educational purposes. The hive is hand painted by Amanda Jo with anatomically & proportionally correct bees of each different kind; Worker, Queen, & Drone. Like most of our endeavors around here, adding Honeybees to our farm is mainly an attempt to add diversity & opportunities for eduction. We have plans to add one or two more hives in our Forest Garden soon.

Herb Spiral

The Herb Spiral was added in 2019 & we’re excited to see it in it’s full glory this time around! The idea behind the spiral, is to provide different climates & soil types, in one space, that satisfies all kinds of Herbs, while utilizing water efficiently. This project took a lot of hard work and sweat! We hulled in the rocks from John’s Grandma’s farm by truckload, brought clay like soil in from afar, hulled wheelbarrows full of sandy soil from elsewhere on the property, & started most of the herbs from seed.

At the top of the spiral, you will find sandy soil, with sun & dry loving plants. As you get closer to the bottom you will find plants that prefer more clay-like soil, with more moisture. At the end of the spiral we have a small pond that provides moisture, habitat for critters, & a spot to take a drink for our Honeybees. We utilize this space for Food, Medicine, Education, & love looking out our front windows to this beautiful view!

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