Luna Hill Wild School

Nurturing Wonder, with Nature.

Click here to see photos of what The Luna Hill Wild Kids have been up to, here at the farm this Summer!

**New Winter Hours

Drop off at 1:00 pm
Pick-up at 4:00 pm

Age Range: Independent bathroom-users & up
Every Wednesday, year-round, with dates listed below

Register for a complete month= $20/date

Click HERE to see our feature on WNIT!
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Our Educational Philosophy:

We have come to remember that children can’t help but learn. They are experts at play, professionals at turning ‘nothing’ into something, each so creative in their own way, clever, and inquisitive- if only we can lean in, get down, and truly listen. If we slow our busy agendas and hurried inner voices and strive for presence, over praise with them. If we leave behind our egos and reach for compassion over competition as an example for them. We understand that beautiful sense of wonder in children should be encouraged and embraced. We strive to create an environment that gives our children the space and confidence to explore what mother nature has to teach them, to test their arising theories, celebrate in their failures and accomplishments, and come to find their own sense of value in community, through playing with others. We feel so moved by our passion for guiding children in this way, that we wish to share what we have to offer with others.
We see ourselves as guides in this journey and feel nature to be our partner in this endeavor. Helping find answers to the questions, passing down what knowledge we have, and bringing forth connections with others who can share their wisdom. There is so much power in learning from others and we both place great value and appreciation to the mentors in our childrens’ lives. The process of learning from each other has an endless list of useful life skills; patience, communication, social understandings, sense of worth and gratitude, just to name a few.

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What does our program look like?

This is a drop-off program for kids on Wednesdays from 1-4pm, all year around. Because of our appreciation and joy in finding mentors from our community to teach the children, we are committed to bringing in at least one mentor each season to teach. We value diversity in all its forms and we see that children working and playing together with others from diverse ages, cognitive skills, social skills, backgrounds, and otherwise helps create a well-rounded, more compassionate and independent person. When aided with caregivers who are great listeners, who can hear the needs of all involved and are able to guide them through communicating with one another when needed, beautiful progress and fun can be had! So, we ask that the children are independent bathroom (or outhouse!) users, but we do not have a maximum age limit. (The oldest we have had so far is 13.)

Marshall County’s only year-round nature & farm based school for children. Dedicated to getting kids outside-nurturing their wonders, with nature.

Here on the farm, you do not have to work to find opportunities to learn. With the animals, there are always tasks to be tended to and love to give them. With the ever-expanding gardens, there are always ideas to cultivate, seeds to sow, vines to tend, and fruit to be enjoyed. In our 2 acre Food Forest, we keep winding trails with healthy, diverse land let-wild, with creatures, edibles, and growth to explore. Oh, the list goes on, but please check out our About page to see greater detail on what we have here at Luna Hill. We are always dreaming and creating here. If we need a basket, we figure out how to make one. If we have an inconvenience, we problem solve ways to fix it, together. We’ve built a treehouse with Wild School kids, made salves from plants we have sketched in our nature journals….There are so many projects we have enjoyed sharing with kids in the past and so many in the line-up that we look forward to in the future! Creating a living willow structure, building cob structures, building more wattle fencing…. Really, the list is never-ending and we wouldn’t have it any other way! And there are so many simple projects we see teaching the kids. We also teach some survival skills; ways to start a fire, how to make tools, building shelters-even food preservation and seed saving.

Each child will receive a sketch book of their own to keep. We will use these Nature Journals as a way to process, document, & wonder about some of the creatures & plant life we find out here, using the John Muir Laws method. Our activities will vary with the seasons and will be structured based on what is happening here on the farm and what we want to learn together, but there will also be a chance for child-led play as well. We include singing, storytelling, music, dance, and everything in between that moves us! It’s also worth pointing out our passion for collecting and sharing books that spark the imagination and help kids process. We have quite a collection building, we intend to continue investing in our program(and our lives!) this way and will always read at least one story with the kids.
We also want to be clear that we are committed to offering a secular experience. We are not affiliated with any church or faith and wholeheartedly welcome all walks of life, with open arms!

Be sure to check out & follow #lunahillwildschool on Instagram & Facebook for a peek into what we’re up to out here!

What should my child bring?

-Water Bottle
-Proper Weather-Appropriate Clothing
-An extra change of clothes and/or a bathing suit is sometimes helpful
-Snacks Optional, depending on your child
-Tools Optional: an adventure backpack, magnifying glass, Binoculars, Compass, and such….

***Although we encourage teaching and allowing children to safely use knives, we will not be allowing any kids to bring a knife to Wild School. We will be teaching whittling skills, but parents will be notified ahead of the date we plan to do so, and then they may bring their own.

2019 Upcoming Dates:

January 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
February 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
March 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

The Luna Hill Wild School is expanding after a successful first year!

Dates for the Spring, Summer, & Winter of 2020 to be announced in January or February, after we find out about a few pending grants. We are so excited to share the new opportunities we have for our community!
Thanks to all those who have supported us along the way-
We couldn’t do this without YOU!

Because we also hold high the safety of your children, John is certified by the American Red Cross.


Please contact
Amanda Jo at (574)341-0229
John at (574)339-3912
Or email us both at

And we would be happy to give anyone interested, who has not been out, a chance to meet our family and a tour of the farm! Be sure to check out our Events tab to see when the next Open Farm day is & see our About page to learn more about our family.

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