Mindful Mushroom Hunting 101

Wild Muhsrooms are a big part of our lives!

And we couldn’t be more excited to pass down knowledge on how to enjoy mushroom hunting safely with others!

Interested in Mushrooms? Wish you knew how to safely identify & find tons of Wild Mushrooms? Join John, AJ, & their 4 kiddos for an in depth talk, hike, & tasting!

What will we learn?
-Safe practices when mushroom hunting(especially with children:)
-Where to find Mushrooms
-How to work them into your diet
-How to preserve them
-How to grow them yourself

Who is this class for?
-Folks of all ages
-Must be able to walk through cleared forest trails

Where at?
10:00 AM Marshall County Memorial Forest
12:00 PM Sack Lunch Picnic at Luna Hill Farm(optional)

We’ll meet at the parking lot of the Marshall County Memorial Forest where AJ & John will give an interactive talk about mushroom hunting, explaining the how-to’s and answering any questions. Then, we’ll set out on a hike to see what we can find! Afterwards, folks are encouraged to bring their packed lunches back to Luna Hill Farm for a picnic out back. We will show folks examples of Wild Mushrooms we have foraged-we have quite a few right now in the fridge & ones decorating our home! Then, we will talk about how to grow cultivated mushrooms & show you how we do ours in our Forest Garden. Finally, we will cook up some fresh wild shroomies and give a taste test.

Can’t wait to share our love of mushrooms with you & teach you all how to bring the magical world of fungi into your lives!

Cost: $30/party
Meaning, the $30 cost works for a single person joining us or a family of six:)
Pay with PayPal here:

Mindful Mushroom Hunters 101

Saturday October 17th 10AM

30.00 $

On the subject of Covid:
Clearly, we will be outside & should be able to distance a bit, but I want everyone to know that this is a no shame event on the mask front. It is up to each individual on whether or not you want to wear a mask & we support your decision either way & are glad that you can be with us!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions whatsoever! As we have shared recently, we are moving & want to carve out time to share our love of nature & knowledge as much as we can so that others may feel empowered and connected in nature as well!
-The Boeners

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