New Moon Women’s Circle

The New Moon Women’s Circle is a gathering of women from all ages and walks of life. We always meet on a Sunday evening at seven o’clock around the New Moon, here at the farm. The dates for 2019 are listed below. Depending on the weather, we are either in the Workshop or out by a fire, either in the West Woods or in the backyard by the garden.

I, Amanda Jo, lead the circle, but by that I only mean that I give a few opening reminders and thoughts on this upcoming moons’ connections to nature. I also see it as my responsibility to hold the space for all women, upholding our core intentions. Holding a Women’s Circle is not my invention, but is actually a very old tradition that I feel called to uphold. I believe that this act can be so very healing.

This is a chance for Women to support other Women with love through listening & acknowledgement. It is also a place for personal growth through reflection, maybe even intention-setting, or whatever you need to say out loud to the world in our circle. We start with a few words about the moon’s cycle we are entering & the nature of things going on outside, all around us. Then, we do a listening circle, where we are each given a turn to share, while the others are asked to listen with an open heart, so that the speaker may feel acknowledged. At the end, we draw cards that I have made(I am…statements) that may speak to you as a challenge, a reminder, just a thought you might want to sit with for a while, or otherwise. As you can tell, it’s a very intentional space, but we are very welcoming to those who desire this setting! I have held a Women’s Circle for almost three years & love the ways in which it has honed in my listening skills & opened my heart to Women from all walks of life. Please let me know if you are interested & of course, reach out to me anytime with questions-we would love to welcome your presence & we love making new friends!

The upcoming dates are as follows:

September 2nd -Harvest Moon
(only gathering on MONDAY evening due to holiday)
September 29th-Hunters Moon
October 27th -Beaver Moon
November 24th -Cold Moon
December 29th -Wolf Moon
January 26th -Snow Moon
February 23rd -Worm Moon
March 22nd -Pink Moon
April 19th -Flower Moon
May 24th -Strawberry Moon
June 21st -Buck Moon
July 19th-Sturgeon Moon
August 16th -Harvest Moon
September 13th-Hunter Moon
October 18th-Blue Moon
November 15th-Beaver Moon
December 13th-Quiet Moon

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