Earth-Friendly Actions

Doing our part to work efficiently, sustainably, & educating along the way!

We Compost!

Chickens, Goats, Pigs, Bunnies, Humans….we all poop! And all that waste gets put right back to use here at our farm. As of now, we have an extensive composting area next to the garden where all the animal manure, food scraps, & weeds go, but we plan to add a composting toilet in the Forest Garden so that we may also utilize the human manure to fertilize plants in the back two acres. This project is set to begin sometime in 2020. We also utilize the animal manure in the barn to help heat up the barn just a bit in the Winter!

We Recycle!

Being a home that doesn’t have trash pick-up, it’s imperative that we recycle for that reason, but we also enjoy being an example for kids who visit our farm that don’t regularly recycle. It provides opportunities to discuss what happens to our wrappers and such after we’re done with them & gives kids a simple, but mighty, opportunity chance to take sustainable practices into their own hands

We Reduce Use!

Plastic is a BIG part of the word we all live in & we’re mindful that it will not be completely going away any time soon & grateful for the useful purposes it does have, but while recycling is great, it’s not a long term solution. Firstly, most plastics can only be turned back into more plastics, but also, plastic tools are often cheap, inefficient wastes of investments that just don’t get the job done. When was the last time you used a tool outside that held up longer & got the job done better, that one that was made out of plastic, instead of wood or metal? And when was the last time your child had more fun staring at a plastic, light up toy, than they did playing in the mud, swinging their hearts out on the first warm Spring day, or climbing into the highest limbs of a tree? And when was the last time you saw a family heirloom toy, handed down through generations, that was made of plastic? We are not against families who choose plastic toys, to be clear. We have a few, too- for example; we LOVE Legos! 🙂 But there are plenty of play spaces that provide that type of environment to children & we pride ourselves on being an environment that reminds children (and adults!) that childhood can be simple AND amazing!

We also utilize our Outhouse 3/4 of the year (and encourage our guests to, as well) to reduce use of the traditional toilet inside.

We also burn only wood at our home because (with a lotta hard work) we have free Elm trees on family land nearby to use for many years to come. We do not have trash pick up & strive to produce as little waste as possible. All four of our kiddos have experienced cloth diapers(by #4, we gave up about half way through) & for a few years, we even used cloth wipes in the bathroom, but we gave up on washing those when we gave up on washing diapers!

Future Plans:

In 2020, we plan to add a composting toilet in the Forest Garden, add a Grey Water Garden off our kitchen sink, add water collection & storage systems off the house, divert water overflow from the barn to a ‘bath’ area for the pigs:) & hope to also add a Green Roof on top of the Chicken Coop.

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