The Main Garden

Our main garden has two large & fenced in areas, with a middle gourd tunnel proving a path (& vertical growing space) through the middle. We brought in cinder blocks to create raised beds in 2017 & have loved the results, finding many benifits. By creating raised beds, we are able to efficiently place our comopost within the beds and the cinder blocks actually warm up with the early Spring sun, in turn, helping to raise the temperature of the soil for earlier planting. We are also able to easily add hoops to the sections, for a reliable, frost-free Spring or extended growth in the fall. We also use hay for mulch to suppress weeds & have found that it holds in moisture very well.

We grow with all heirloom seeds, practice seed saving techniques, utilize permaculture & organic practices, & always involve our kids, & Wild School kids, in the process! We do grow our garden to provide food, but a large part of why we grow is to provide a space to experiment and educate in! We’ve grown everything from Peanuts, plants just used for medicine, seeds to be used as jewelry, gourds found originally on the other side of the world, & even plants that would traditionally be found in the wild! And don’t expect us to ever stop experimenting-who knows what’s next!

You an often find kiddos checking the garden when they first arrive at Wild School, to see what snacks have presented themselves & what new growth has sprung. There’s nothing quite like the wonder in a kids smile, to find the seeds they helped plant last week have decided to say hello above ground!
We grow on multiple arches & trellises & have plans to add more raised beds in our less developed North Garden, with the edges made of rocks & handmade Wattle Fencing.

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