Women’s Evening Yoga with Leann

Tuesday, July 30th 2019 8:00 ****CANCELLED****
Tuesday, July 23rd 2019 8:00
Tuesday, July 16th 2019 8:00
Tuesday, July 9th 2019 8:00
Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 8:00
Friday, June 7th 2019 7:00-8:00pm
Friday, May 24th 2019 7:00-8:00pm
Friday, May 10th 2019 7:00-8:00pm ****CANCELLED**** due to weather
Friday, April 26th 2019 7:00-8:00pm

Join us for an evening of Yoga on the lawn, with Leann!
This event is open to Women from all walks of life, all ages, & all Yoga experiences. Please park anywhere in the grass, enter through the breezeway door(next to the garage/workshop), & head on through to the backyard where we will start at 7. Please bring your own mat to use in the grass & there is a suggested donation of 5$.

The evening setting out here is glorious! We will be surrounded by the wild noises of the emerging life around us, with the open fields in the background, woods surrounding us, & a warm fire nearby to welcome us as we conclude.
Of course, contact us with any questions!

Looking forward to our evenings together!
-Amanda Jo

Here’s a little note from Leann, if you’re interested in her background and perspective:
Yoga means union, the union of movement and breath. I have been practicing yoga regularly since 2012, and have been teaching for 2 years now. I practice vinyasa flow & chakra balancing, which can help with mindfulness and staying present in our busy lives.
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