With John being such a skilled craftsman, Amanda Jo loving to create with lots of different mediums, their kiddos constantly needing a space to hammer away in, & our gatherings needing space to educate & work in through the colder months, we NEEDED a workshop! So our double car garage, that actually never held our vehicles, was turned into our much needed workshop.

We have just about any tool we could need to complete our projects, space to gather around the woodstove for Women’s Circle & other other event, & a space to teach in, should the weather be unsafe to venture out for Wild School.

We have plans to fully transform the space into a safe & kid-friendly environment for teaching small children Woodshop classes with John! He is very excited about this endeavor & is looking forward to having the time to dedicate to making this unique experience, the best it possibly can be for the children of our community. While the space is used now for multiple uses, we’re looking to have it completely little kid ready, with all the bells and whistles(like child-sized work benches & hand-crank tools), by Winter 2020.

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